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Attracted to this white guitar!

I can’t put my eyes off on this new gibson s g standard guitar I found online. I don’t know what’s with it. I guess I’m just attracted to its simplicity for looking so pure and that’s being white in color. I’m started to love it and might be getting one real soon. This will be perfect to start practicing to learn how to play it.

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Trying to find an amplifier

I was with a friend yesterday and we went to a music store near her house. The reason we went there was to check out if they have the amplifier that my friend is looking for but sadly, they didn’t have it there. Instead, she told me if I could help her buy the cool bogner alchemist at wwbw that she found online. She’s not that tech savvy so I’m willing to help her up!

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Every guitar needs a new case

Almost every houses I’ve been to have their own guitar. If only I can afford to give every one of them guitar cases like the schecter diamond series at musicians friend I would do it because their guitars are too dusty and I guess every guitar needs a new home or should I say need a new case. Oh well, but I can’t, maybe when I win in the lottery!

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