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Gladiator Heels: A Real Champion in Footwear

Gladiators have been famed for fighting in the area with plenty of obstacles to get in their way. Such as women who need good shoes to fit comfortable and say their a fighter, this more shoe industries are gaining profit from selling gladiator heels to plenty of women who approve the look which feels great on their base without causing lashes that will leave marks for weeks.  Starting off like the original gladiator sandals the shoe has developed into a heel that has a rounded front to slide the toes into and leashes snug onto the woman’s foot with ease.

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Prada 2012 collection

Prada 2012 collection.

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Kenzo and Vans Collaboration

This is just one of the shoes designed by Kenzo and Vans. Well, they’re set to collaborate in creating a stylish sneakers. We certainly agree to it and this shoe is so unique. We’ve never seen such design. We know you’re excited and all but the collection of Kenzo and Vans Collaboration will be released this June and July, and price starts at $118.

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