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Impressive scrub top design of Cherokee

My sister can’t get enough on buying Cherokee uniforms and I thought of giving her at least one cherokee uniform for her birthday! Well, honestly I’m impressed with their designs and I will definitely buy more on them for myself, maybe someday when I’m already a nurse! So there you go guys, I’m getting excited to give my sister my gift to her and of course for becoming a registered nurse in the future!

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New meaning for LOL

I definitely agree with the statement on the picture. It’s so true! People nowadays often use the word or accronym LOL when they don’t have nothing else to say. I think Dictionary should adopt the meaning of LOL as a word for people who have nothing else to say! LOL. :))

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Paternity fail it is!

There’s something wrong with this picture and I can’t help but laugh! It’s weird that welcoming home your husband from his 12 month tour in Iraq with a baby bump is something fishy. The picture says it all, PATERNITY FAIL IT IS! I wonder what’s the reaction of the husband about it! lol. I guess it’s something that surprised him when he saw his wife! LOL.

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