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Starbucks’ tea craze!

The Tea craze is here to stay! It seems like Starbucks is going with the trend. The coffee brand is collaborating with two big names, Naoko Tsunoda (Teavana) and Oprah Winfrey. The three powerhouses would be selling a new blend of tea called “Oprah Chai”. This New blend will be available at Starbucks and Teavana. The Tea will be available to consumers on April 29. Oprah Chai is a big step for the coffee brand, hoping tea will be as huge as their coffee products.  Oprah Chai is made with the help of Ms. Winfrey to create the perfect blend of spicy and sweet.

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Enhancing the care for the elderly

For those senior housing owners out there, if you’re still using the manual way of managing everything around your community, you should think twice now because you can now manage it with the help of assisted living software that will make things easier. They will assist you in rendering an enhanced care for the elderly. So You should check that out because you’re definitely missing out the benefits of this software!

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Eat Chia seed to stay healthy!

A product of Salvia Hispanica plant normally cultivated in Australia and North Mexico is high in nutritional value. According to a nutritionist, you must take its weekly dose. White, brown and black all seeds have higher concentration of antioxidants. A single tablespoon quantity of these seeds has potassium, magnesium and calcium up to 70 mg. they have oxygen radical absorbance capacity due to the presence of quercetin, caffeic acid and chloregenic acid. It is best for vegans because they are also good in amino acid amounts and helps in digestive issues too. They are crunch material with a slight bitter taste. Start to chew Chia!

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