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Katy Perry: The New Covergirl Model

Cover girl completed its 30 years of success. From last 30 years they promote their brand by making ads with different celebrities, models and super stars. Cover girl first ad launched in 1977 with Cheryl Tiegs and then so many legendary faces goes on. Now the new and latest model is Katy Perry who is doing cover girl ad Katy Perry a great singer, actress and a business woman appears in very sensational lipstick. Although she was not applying these shades but she looks marvelous in her first cover girl ad.

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The Kardashians Making A Fashion Statement At The Beach

Both Kardashian girls look stunning in these photos. Khloé looks amazingly sexy in this tight laced bandaged-corset top that hugs her every feature and a chiffon skirt. It highlights all her wonderfully voluptuous features in a magnificent manner. Kendall, in the background, is gorgeous in her flowing white laced dress Grecian style number that exposes her upper body to the perfect degree and manages to highlight her ample derriere. While both Kardashians are wearing opposing styles the styles complement each other due to the stunning natural beauty of both women. Again it is an indictment of today’s culture of being famous for being famous and not really achieving anything important in life.

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Adriana Lima And Alessandra Ambrosio Looking Stunning As Teens

If only all our impromptu photos came out so stunningly. This image was taken when the girls were teenagers and shows why Victoria’s Secret chose them as models. Their flowing and perfectly shining hair styles accentuate their rounded faces. Their Mediterranean looks are highly visible in this photo and their youthful skin tone and glossy lips add to their sexual appeal. The neck lines on their outfits add to their overall appearance with the dress color blending especially well with the Mediterranean appearance. This image represents these girls in a very natural state with no air brushing, which a Vogue specialty, and simmers with raw sexual appeal.

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