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Tyra Banks baby news won’t be happening soon!

A lot of fans may be looking forward of hearing some baby news about Tyra Banks but that wont be happening soon. The runway idol revealed that she doesn’t want to “slow down” her life and become a mother. The 40-year-old model is proud to be an “overachiever”. “I don’t want to slow down and stop,” said Banks. “ I think there’s a weird thing with women when we’re high achievers and have high goals, sometime it’s like, ‘why don’t you just sit down and have a baby?’ I know I’m an overachiever and I’m not apologetic about it. It wont be slowing down anytime soon; it’s only going to get bigger.”

Furthermore, Banks spoke about being the face of Special K encouraging women with a positive body image. “Body image is something that has been important to me for a long time,” Banks told Metro. “So when people were saying I was fat, gross and disgusting, they weren’t just saying it about me, they were saying about any woman whose body looked like mine… I felt I needed to say something so I was very vocal and told the people who had negative things to say about me –or women that looked like me –to kiss my fat ass.”

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Kate Hudson is Ann Taylor’s New Face for Spring 2014

Kate Hudson’s stunning looks once again showed off in her new campaign for Ann Taylor. Though the actress has been working with the brand for quite some time now, she takes it on a more personal approach this time. The newest spring campaign shows Hudson together with the two gentlemen of her life—Ryder and Bing. Regarding the campaign, Hudson says she loves the spring collection. “It really captures my life as a working mom and how we all balance those parts of our lives,” she adds.

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Meet Jacky, American Apparel’s 62-year old Underwear Model

“Sexy has no expiration date”—American Apparel got the best explanation for its latest lingerie ad showing Jacky O’Shaughnessy, a 62-year old model. Jacky, who’s been with American Apparel since 2011 for their “Advanced Basics” or sportswear collection, is still in perfect shape to pose for the brand.

But this time, Jacky shows her more fearless side for an underwear endorsement. In spite of having critics about the said campaign, American Apparel is clear with its tagline: classic and ageless clothing, something Jacky O’Shaughnessy was able to portray with such sophistication.

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