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Selena Gomez In A Very Seductive Outfit!

Selena Gomez’s two piece outfit is very seductive with its plunging neckline that exposes much of her cleavage and most of her upper body. Her look can be described as décolleté.  Her dress seems a little high waisted, covering her mid rift, which somewhat diminishes the outfit overall. The top itself does not highlight her ample bosom which would suggest that a little bosom support would have been a good idea for Ms. Gomez. Overall, the dress accentuates her fabulous figure and will definitely make her stand out from the crowd and attract a lot of male attention. Her hair and lipstick also diminishes the overall look of this outfit. The tossed hair and dark lipstick are not in keeping with the overall look she is trying to achieve.

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The Kardashians Making A Fashion Statement At The Beach

Both Kardashian girls look stunning in these photos. Khloé looks amazingly sexy in this tight laced bandaged-corset top that hugs her every feature and a chiffon skirt. It highlights all her wonderfully voluptuous features in a magnificent manner. Kendall, in the background, is gorgeous in her flowing white laced dress Grecian style number that exposes her upper body to the perfect degree and manages to highlight her ample derriere. While both Kardashians are wearing opposing styles the styles complement each other due to the stunning natural beauty of both women. Again it is an indictment of today’s culture of being famous for being famous and not really achieving anything important in life.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt spotted at Chi Nail Bar and Organic Spa

Jennifer Love Hewitt took some time to take care of herself with some gal pals even though she’s pregnant. She stopped into Chi Nail Bar & Organic Spa in Beverly Hills to get herself a manicure that screams adorable. Jennifer was taken by the manicurists own design and wanted an identical set of nails for herself. The manicure is 3-D with detailing such as a crystal blow, a rose, a heart along with various designs like zigzags and polka dots. End result was the prettiest ensemble of nails ever. Nice too that it was all done in a pale nude color with white.

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