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Perfect ship or boat tour make over

Do you take trips on boats or ships? Then you must know the perfect ship or boat tour make over. Just be simple and natural as possible, tie up your hair properly to enjoy the air and use less oily items to protect the skin from the chilly sun. wear comfortable dress with pair of slippers and you are ready.

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LomoKino Camera replica by Lomography and Mubi

This is the first replica of LomoKino Camera and that made it possible by the collaboration of Lomography and Mubi. You can shot an experimental lomographic movies here with the use of a 35mm film. It’s now available in Lomography online store and has a price tag of $139.03. So if you guys are so keen to learning a new lomography camera, consider buying this one.

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Love for music

After my cousin learned how to play the piano, he is now trying to persuade his dad to hire someone that could help him learn how to play the guitar. It’s so good to hear that my cousin is really into music and I hope that when he grows old, he still choose the path of music and if ever that came true, I will surely buy dean guitars for him as a gift. I know he would be happy if that came true. I can’t wait for him to grow old.

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