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Wedding gifts for mom and dad

I’m quite not in myself the past few days. I didn’t even remembered that my dad and mom’s 29th wedding anniversary has passed by.  My boyfriend just told me about it because when he talked to my mom, my mom just casually told him that they are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Call me now bad but I want to send a super late anniversary gift for them. I guess this picnic backpack is a good one to give them, what do you think guys? If yes, you can also try shopping for wedding gifts for your mom and dad there too.

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Doing some home renovations

Someone’s working on our uncle’s house. Uncle’s trying to make some renovations on it because his house got messed up when we were hit by a mass flood. Oh well, uncle’s house is pretty good now. I heard that one of his construction workers is needing set screws. Good thing we have some here in our home. I hope that my uncle’s house will finish soon. I’m so excited to see its finished product!

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The Hunger Games inspired wedding dress

Everyone’s talking about The Hunger Games movie and it seems that its the next Harry Potter mania. Well, I think it’s okay by just reading the plot of the book I’m starting to like it as well. So now that The Hunger Games movie is now on, some people try to experiment with the The Hunger Games inspired things just like this one. It’s The Hunger Games inspired wedding dress which I think is so cool! So for those Katniss Everdeen wannabees out there, this one is for you. Just lovin’ the braids!

Photo credits to weddingchicks. com

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