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Deciding what engagement ring to buy for your girl

Some of my college batchmates are starting to get married. Well I can’t blame them because we’re already in the right age. I wonder how do their fiances choose the engagement rings which they gave to their girlfriends. I think it took them months to decided which one to give for their girls because its not really easy choosing the best engagement ring for a girl. You have to consider the quality of the ring that you’ll going to buy and of course the budget that you’re planning to spend on that special ring. Many guys might be having a hard time on choosing which one but always consider to ask some advice from girl friends and your family. Maybe they might suggest that you get the engagement ring tiffany or get that loose GSA diamonds and just get it customized. What a sweet move if ever you decided to get loose diamonds and just get a ring for customization.

Before that guys, let me remind you that I already saw some failed marriage proposals, be sure that your fiancee is aware about the plans of getting married but she still don’t have any ideas when it will happen because you don’t wanna make proposal to your girl who’s still afraid of settling down, which might ruin the whole plan. Please make it sure that both of you are ready on settling down, okay? So if you think you’re both sure on settling down  that’s the time you start checking for engagement rings at online store like Houston gold engagement rings and plan the thing that you’re going to do  when the marriage proposal takes place. Make it special and memorable so that you’ll have so much memories to cherish as you both grow old. Seeing your girl happy with a surprised face while presenting her the engagement ring that you bought for her is such a priceless thing in the world. When proposing for marriage, make it very special as possible because every girl wants a fairytale-like ending, and that’s to live happily ever after. So that’s all guys, I hope you still learn something with this blog post. For people who are still deciding and planning their marriage proposal, I wish all the best of luck to all of you! I hope that you get the best engagement ring for you girl and may you come up with a unique idea on how to propose a marriage to your girl. Good luck once again!

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Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson the new faces of Bongo

So whose the new Bongo spokewomen? Well, if you’re watching Pretty Little Liars we’re definitely sure that you’re all familiar with them. They’re no other than Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson. If you don’t know guys, Bongo is the who produce some junior apparel, girls apparel, swimwear, accessories and so on. Lucy Hale will appear in Sears marketing ads while Ashley Benson will be in Kmart ads.

Credits to Bongo

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Zooey Deschanel drops lawsuit over $2 million endorsement deal

The 500 Days of Summer star Zooey Deschanel finally drops its lawsuit against an american shoe company that allegedly used her name on advertising its products and not able to pay for its endorsement deal fee. Sources say that its about 2 million dollars. Well, it seems that both parties already talked about the deal so Zooey just drops the lawsuit against it.

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