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Justin Bieber gives a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible to his childhood bestfriend

Justin Bieber just gave his childhood best friend a brand-new┬áivory two-door Ford Mustang Convertible as his Christmas gift to Ryan Butler. Ryan Butler is such a great friend to Justin huh. What a lucky bestfriend! I hope every bestfriend will be like Justin Bieber, he’s such a generous boy! Oh well, better stop being envy. I hope Ryan Butler is now enjoying his new car. ^_^

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Colorful house made by James Rizzi

Hey guys, I’ve been browsing on the net and found this! I really love colorful things and because of being so colorful it caught my attention. This cartoon-like 3-D house is made by the Pop Artist James Rizzi. Its his house FYI! I bet he’s a kid at heart, you agree with me? Oh well, I’m so envious of him for creating such a wonderful masterpiece of artwork. I hope I can also have such kind of house.

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What’s with cracking nail polish?

Colored nail polish is such a good way to make your nails look presentable and it gives other people that you’re a neat person. Before, we only have plain nail polish which means no design at all but in our generation today, it now changed. You can now put tiny pieces or beads on your nails, and there’s now available nail polish that will make you look like you have a crack nail polish. I’ve tried putting cracking nail polish before but it end up literally cracking after a few days. I think the brand itself is the reason why it ended up like that, so if you want to try the cracking nail polish you better buy a good brand of nail polish.

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