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Anne Hathaway’s secret to her glowing skin!

Are you curious how the 29-year old The Devil Wears Prada actress, Anne Hathaway has such a glowing beautiful skin? The secret is, she refrain from putting make ups on her day offs. So that’s her secret guys, don’t put so much make up when you’ll just stay at home, or there’s no important events to attend to. Just give your face a break, and don’t forget to clean it!

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Halloween nail art for you!

Some of you don’t have time to celebrate (does celebrate the right word to describe halloween? LOL) Halloween because of work but if you guys want to be part of it without even wearing costumes, why not do nail arts with creepy monsters on it? That will be the simple yet something people can notice that you’re still on for the Halloween thing even though you’re at work!

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A delicious Buko Shake I’ve ever tasted!

While waiting my sister for hours on her job interview last time, I decided to go to the nearest mall within the vicinity. Too bad, there’s no cinema available there so I just go to their foodcourt and wait there. If I’m not mistaken, I almost waited her for 4 hours. Imagine, I’m just with myself, no one to talk to. I looked like a loner back then. Oh well, after that long hours of waiting for her, we decided to go for a walk inside the mini-mall. LOL. We passed by a Buko Juice shake stand and ordered 1 large bottle of Buko Juice shake from Chingu Buko House.  I was hesitant at first but my sister forced me to buy it. I would like to thank her for forcing me to buy it because that buko shake is so delicious! I would definitely buy from them again if I had the chance!

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