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Going to the gym

I’m so envy my boyfriend because he’ll start going to gym this week. The reason why I’m envy of him is because here in my place there’s no normal gym here. LOL. Well, there’s a gym here that’s near us but all I can see there are all guys and no women, and I don’t wanna go to gym because of that. I think I’ll just make a plan to do some exercises here at home, right? It’s safer here than there. LOL.

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5th day of my diet plan

Sorry for not updating this blog. I was too busy for the past few days. I’ll try to update this blog once in awhile. The latest thing about me is, I’m starting to be physically fit. I now on my 5th days of climbing stairs back and fort, sit-ups and hula hooping – that’s my exercise plan. LOL. I also eat less food specifically carbs. I hope that this diet plan will make me become fit and slimmer. LOL. Wish me luck guys!

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Yummy Oatmeal with milk and crackers

I want some oatmeal today but my sister doesn’t want to. I suddenly crave for it and I don’t know why. LOL. I guess I just love eating it with powdered milk and a little bit of sugar, then add some crackers on it! I tell you guys that its delicious! I know that it sounds weird but try it and you’ll know what I’m trying to say. LOL. Well, that’s all guys. I think I’ll just cook it after blogging it here and just eat it this dinner time.

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