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I love you munchkins!

I sometimes take for granted Dunkin’ Donuts but when my boyfriend arrived in the Philippines for a vacation last March, I starting to love it. It’s such a good snacks guys. I now love their munchkins because you can taste all the flavors without being too full, its just bite size donuts but I still love it. So whenever I go out I make sure that I have munchkins’ dunkin’ donuts on my hands before going home.

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free meal from a colleague

My friends and I decided to meet again for us to catch up with each others lives. Our meeting place is no other than Jollibee. LOL. Whats new?! Well, I’m glad that our guy friend treat us dinner there. Isn’t he kind? XD I hope I can see them more often so that we can update things happened to us often. Okay. Enough, I’m being so redundant now. Sorry for that guys. Bye!

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Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt

We stayed at our cousins’ condominium few weeks ago and after that we decided to chill at SM Centerpoint. We had our lunch at Wendys. After we took our lunch we decided to take some walks around SM. We got tired from walking and finally its snacks time! LOL. We had our snacks at Tutti Frutti. It’s a yogurt ice cream house. I tried every yogurt flavor they had that time. Well, I’m quite surprised with how much my cup cost, it’s a whooping 160 pesos just for a medium cup size. LOL. I also realized that I should just stick to the original flavor and be aware about its quantity because I don’t wanna end up paying high amount just for that.

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