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Curious about Conti’s Pastry Shop

When we went to Trinoma just to hear the 30 seconds to Mars’ concert, I saw a lot of people coming in Conti’s. I became curious on it and told my twin sister to get some brochures in that store. I discovered that it’s a Pastry shop and Restaurant. I think their prices are somehow competitive and quite affordable. Well, I better try their cakes sometime and will let you know how it was.

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Bought a new screen protector for ipod touch 2g

Whenever I have to buy simple things, I will first try to find it on Ebay because I believe that its cheaper than in the mall but there is one disadvantage to buy there, it’s the shipping time. You’ll get your things after 15-30 days, I know just by hearing that shipping time, you’ll gonna back out. LOL. But for me, its okay, I’m willing to wait for my package to arrive. Its all about patience here guys!

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A slice of cake

My aunt just gave us a slice of cake. Its her birthday and her brother gave her a box of cake as a present. All I can say is, this cake is so yummy! At first bite I thought its made of banana cake but my cousin corrected me and told me that its made of mocha cake ( Now I know!) LOL. I really cherished every bite of this cake because I think I’ve started to fall in love with that taste. LOL. Oh well, I should asked my uncle where did they buy it because I’m really serious about getting one. XD

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