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I love Choc-O!

I just grabbed my favorite drink tonight and its no other than the Choc-O. It’s a chocolate drink but what I did before drinking it is, I placed it inside our freezer and wait for it to get frozen. That’s how I prepared my all-time favorite drink. Its like your eating a chocolate ice-cream or chocolate shake. So yummy! You should try it guys!

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My goddaughter suggested to me to watch Koizora. It’s a Japanese drama. I think she told me about it a month ago. I already watched couple of episodes of it but I haven’t finished it yet. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too lazy to watch it or I find it boring. I’m thinking if I will continue and finish watching it because I’m near to its end eh,maybe when I’m already in the mood to watch it.

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Just go with it!

I was looking for a nice movie to be downloaded here in my computer and suddenly I think of the lastest movie of Adam Sandler, Just Go with it. It’s a nice movie and I enjoyed watching it. I admired the little girl who talks in British accent! She’s so great! I hope I can also do that! HAHA! But that’s so impossible! LOL. Okay! That’s all for now!

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