The Doll with Diversity

Goodbye Barbie and hello Lammily Doll. A lot of people have been looking for a more diverse and natural and Lammily Doll answered their request. The doll company created dolls with human proportions and optional sticker package that can give your dolls scrapes, moles, tattoos , glasses, acne, stretch marks, freckles and more! The doll was created to show all the parts of the human body that are beautiful and should be showed off. This is a celebration of uniqueness. This is a great step for toy makers everywhere.

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Angelina Jolie, planning to enter politics!

Angelina Jolie is an Actress, mother, humanitarian, director, writer and possibly a politician. Angelina Jolie has a voice and she would do wonders using that voice to help the people. The actress was noted, saying “I Want to Help to Make Change”. The famous actress spilled in Vanity Fair of a possible career change. Jolie is world renowned humanitarian and has helped multiple charities. She is now planning on making a change through politics. Jolie is very aware of the political issues our world is facing and is in talks to trying to use her powers to help and make a difference.

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Simon Cowells first Christmas as a Father

Congratulations to Simon Cowell on being a Daddy! The X factor judge couldn’t be any happier than he is now. This would be the first holiday season he would be spending with his baby Eric and baby momma Lauren Silverman. The couple welcomed their baby boy on Valentine’s Day.

The couple is excited to spend Eric’s first holiday season. They celebrated Thanksgiving in London and are going all out for Christmas. Lauren will be doing a lot of cooking and preparations for the upcoming celebrations.

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