Welcome to the word baby Zion!

Snoop dog grandson is here. A pic posted on Instagram by the proud father Cordé Broadus- snoop dog elder son- confirm the great news. Cordé, also known as “sparky danky” share a shoot of himself cuddling with his little baby in a very sweet pose.

The happy father and his girlfriend, Jessica Kyzer, name the boy Zion, a Hebrew word is the biblical term for the promise land but also, means heaven in Rastafarian.

The family and especially the grandparent couldn’t hide their proud and happiness “proud granddad (sic),” he wrote. “my son spank n grandson Zion !! jah bless.”Wrote the grandpa, while Shante Broadus, pose in other pic with the baby in her arms.

Best wishes for the little boy and congratulations to the family!

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Kim Kardashian Childhood cutest shoot

We all love to see children pictures especially that one’s of our favorite celebs. This time, the reality show celebrity Kim Kardashian delights our eyes and hunger of memories by posting a caption from her childhood, wearing an adorable pigtail braid.

 The Kardashian sister seems to be busy posting remembrance pictures this week. This pigtail shoot came just after she post a picture of her and her sis Kourtney, during a red carpet of few years back in the time.

As an Adult or as a child, Kim always looks and will continue looking astonishingly beautiful.

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The Doll with Diversity

Goodbye Barbie and hello Lammily Doll. A lot of people have been looking for a more diverse and natural and Lammily Doll answered their request. The doll company created dolls with human proportions and optional sticker package that can give your dolls scrapes, moles, tattoos , glasses, acne, stretch marks, freckles and more! The doll was created to show all the parts of the human body that are beautiful and should be showed off. This is a celebration of uniqueness. This is a great step for toy makers everywhere.

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